Friday, July 20, 2007

Pia Guanio wears Figliarina by Shūbizz

Pia Guaino was known as "Traffic Angel Pia", a daily traffic reporter for FM stations where she did the report from a helicopter, was a staff for a TV News feature show - "The Inside Story" before she became a celebrity. Pia, who describes herself as an old soul, says she brings her own brand of journalism to the shows that she hosts, be it the show biz talk show "S-Files," "Chika Minute" on "24 Oras," or the variety show "Eat Bulaga!"

Every Sunday, she dishes out information about the best buys, best hideaways, best eats, sexiest 40-year-old actors, most sensational show biz stories -- just about anything -- in the lifestyle show "Pinaka," aired on QTV 11, which lists the top 10 of nearly everything. "My training is in news and current affairs," she notes. "I had four years of that before I got caught in the entertainment business. I don't think of "S-Files" as just a gossip show. We are always very careful, and we verify everything before airing the material. We don't air anything that we just heard or read about. That's why I can do news programs [because of the reputation for credibility that I've earned]."

Pia Guanio wears Figliarina by Shūbizz.



Anonymous said...

I like that brand. My boyfriend Jun Limpot always buys me Figlia shoes.

Anonymous said...

I love Figlia Shoes.

My friend and I used to wear that shoes. Everytime she and her boyfriend Zandro "Jun "Limpot goes shopping they always buys that..Because Jun Limpot wants to see my friends beautiful ankle everytime.